Congratulations to our new Swordplay Scholars!!!

The Guild extends a hearty cheer and congratulations to the following new Scholars:

Christina Bailey – Armizare

Erin Fitzgerald – Armizare

Heather Hilchey – Armizare

Jake Paral  (CSG North) – Armizare

Robert Rutherfoord – Renaissance Swordsmanship

Nathan Wisniewski – Armizare

These six all took the list at our new sala d’arme, Forteza, against three of their peers in a successive series of three minute bouts. The rules of combat allowed all manner of cut, thrust, pommel strike and standing grapple, only stopping for safety, if one person was thrown to the ground or if both parties were disarmed. There was a wide diversity of skills displayed, as well as a few…er…curious moments, which will no doubt be revealed in good time as the “Poofy Power Pants” make their presence known. (Really, just wait for it.)

Prize Playing has been part of the CSG curriculum since 2001, and we are please to say that this was one of the most spirited we’ve ever held.

Our congratulations to all – now go heal up those bruises!