Sparring Video

The most common query we receive is to see what “real swordfighting looks like”. We’ve put some of our “best of” video here:

Rapier & Dagger  (Free Scholar Prize Fight, 2016)
CSG’s Rob Rotherfoord vs. Bill Grandy of the Virginia Academy of Fencing

Sidesword and Sword and Buckler Exhibition Bout (Western Martial Arts Workshop 2015: Robert Rotherfoord vs. Devon Boorman — Academie Duello)

Rapier Exhibition Bout (Western Martial Arts Workshop 2013: Robert Rotherfoord vs. Bill Grandy — Virginia Academy of Fencing)

Rapier Scholar Prize Fight  (Treyson Ptak vs. John O’Meara, 2010)

Unarmoured Spear Exhibition Bout
(Western Martial Arts Workshop 2009, Greg M and Nicole Allen)

Unarmoured Spear Freeplay, 2011 (Jesse Kulla and Davis Vader)

Armoured Combat: Spear Tournament Bout
(Armizare Academy, 2012: Greg M and Devon Boorman)

Armoured Sword Combat: Tournament Bout
(Armizare Academy, 2012: Jesse Kulla and Bernard Emerich — Les Maitres des Armes)

Armoured Dagger Combat
(Tournament Bout, Western Martial Arts Workshop, 2011: Jesse Kulla vs. Tim Delrie — Southern Academy of Swordsmanship)