Armizare Academy 2020

September 18 – 20, 2020

The Chicago Swordplay Guild and the International Armizare Society present an event celebrating Fiore dei Liberi (f.late 14th c) the father of Italian Martial Arts!

Located at the picturesque DeKoven Center, home to the Western Martial Arts Workshop, the conference is a retreat with attendance limited to the 90 students that DeKoven can host. Your registration fee  includes ALL classes, meals and lodging onsite at the beautiful DeKoeven campus.

This is a unique event and a unique opportunity to train in a private environment with some of the finest modern teachers of the Art of Defense. Act now — because attendance is limited to the folks we can house on site, paces will go fast!

We look forward to crossing swords with you!


We are pleased to bring an international cast of renowned instructors including:

  • Devon Boorman, Academie Duello (Canada)
  • Christian Cameron, Hoplologia/IAS (Canada)
  • Sean Hayes, Northwest Fencing Academy/IAS (USA)
  • Luke Ireland, Exiles Sheffield (UK)
  • Mark Lancaster, Exiles (UK)
  • Greg Mele, Chicago Swordplay Guild/IAS (USA)

Classes will be organized in two different ways:

Three Tracks:

  1. Unarmoured,
  2. Armoured
  3. Pedagogical

By Virtue:

  1. Forteza (Technical Training)
  2. Celeritas (Physical Development and Application)
  3. Prudentia (Tactical Training)
  4. Audatia (Combat Psychology)

You can take a single track straight through, weave through a combination of armoured, unarmoured and instructor-training classes based on the a specific virtue, or just take a selection of things that inspire you!

IAS Instructor Training

This is International Armizare Society’s inaugural event, and the Society’s purpose is “to maintain and pass down canonical Armizare as recorded and left to posterity by the Founder, Fiore dei Liberi, and the preservation and promotion of Armizare as a complete, traditional, but living and functional martial art”. Central to that mission is the development of competent, qualified armizare instructors.

For Society members (or those interested in joining the Society), we will highlight the classes focused on IAS Instructor Development, and interested Society members will have a chance to take a basic Instructor exam in Chicago the Monday after the event. (Interested parties should contact

Class Schedule

A full schedule of the event is forthcoming


Friday and Saturday night will feature opportunities to fence “sine armi” with sword, dagger and spear.  A small, invitational armoured Deed-of-Arms will be fought Saturday afternoon, under the Dekoven Concords .  If you are interested in fighting in the Deed, contact Greg directly at


(Details for getting to Racine can be found on the WMAW website)

The DeKoven Center
600 21st Street
Racine, WI 53403

On campus; double and triple rooms. You will be able to request the roommate of your choice when you register, and we will make every effort to accommodate you. Lodging is from Thurs to Sat.

Price includes nine hot meals.


All-Inclusive price: $ 520.00

No cancellation refunds after August 1st, 2020

Registration Form:

Download this Reg-form-Armizare-Academysave it, and then e-mail it to the registrar at

Contact Info: