Gift Certificates

Give the gift of gallantry, daring-do, and fun way to get fit “old school” style. Swordplay gift packages will excite anyone with a love of history, swordplay, or just a sense of adventure.

Taster Class (Introductory Course)
What better way test your loved one’s daring-do than with a twelve-class course in either Medieval swordfighting (Taste of the Knightly Arts), or rapier dueling (Taste of the Renaissance)?

Dueling for Two
A special, private lesson for two will let you and a friend, or a pair of friends, try your hands at an ancient martial art!

Not sure what to get your hard-to-shop-for someone special? Why not a gift certificate that they can use for any program, event or product at our home studio, Forteza Fitness?

$50 Gift Certificate
$100 Gift Certificate
$200 Gift Certificate
$300 Gift Certificate