Nebraska Swordfighters Guild

The Nebraska Swordfighters Guild (NESG) is a group dedicated to the Research, Practice and Promotion of Historical European Martial Arts; with a primary emphasis in the Italian Longsword and Dagger as detailed by Fiore dei Liberi.  Originally founded by Mike Mercier in 2005, the Guild is now a study group of the Chicago Swordplay Guild and a part of the growing International Armizare Society; a modern school of the knightly arts that seeks to be consistent with the methodology of the ancient European fencing schools.

Classes meet twice a week at Willard Community Center located at 1245 Folsom St, five minutes west of downtown Lincoln.

Introductory classes are $40 for a 12 class session, payable by cash, check, paypal or money order. No equipment fee. You will fill out the registration form on the first day of class. Join now!